Journals and planners

Dear Louise

It’s so funny that even though we have talked about so many things, we’ve never talked about our planners. What’s funnier is that we both love Kikki.K and didn’t know that too. Goes to show how you can know a person for a long time but still get to learn something new about them.

Now that I have seen your planner and love it, I thought I’ll go ahead and show you my journal and planner that I got this year as you are enjoying your summer holidays in Gisborne with family, and won’t be back for another couple of weeks.

Every year, a couple of months before the end of the year, my big search for the New Year’s journal starts.

I have always been a journal writer. Not a regular day to day journaling type but simply one to put in writing, of what I’m thinking, feeling , things that interest me, concerns me and special things that need to be safely tucked away in memory.

I also used it as my planner.

In 2015, my husband got me my first Kikki. K planner.

All my old Kikki .K planners in the back and the new Kikki.K in the front

From then on I’ve had a separate journal and a planner.

This year my journal is from K mart and I love it. Hard bound , without dates , I write when I want to without worrying about empty pages on days I don’t write.

The two things that drew me to this journal, were the colour and the quote on top of it.

The Kikki .K planner I got also has a quote. ‘Today is the day’. Appropriate for the eternal procrastinator in me.img_5567.jpg

With the lilac, pink ,grey and white colour scheme , stripes and polka dots, what’s not to love?

After using  different Kikki.K planners before, I have finally figured out that I prefer the medium leather bound planner, with a stud button closure, elastic pen holder, 6-ring binder with refillable sections

(I’ve added my pouch to hold pens and extra pages  and stickers from my previous planner into it.)img_5691.jpg


Two card holders 1 open pocket and two note pad slotsimg_5569.jpg

‘Enjoy Today’  quote on the notepad reminds me , to take small steps and not be overly worried about the mile long things to do on my list.

7 tab dividers with 3 customisable blank tabs. Plus 2 pre-labelled and customisable sticker sheets

stickers with cute reminders, my love for stickers and tapes haven’t left me at all!

Other features I love are the flexibility of perpetual calendar with the Monthly vertical  view birthday page,  IMG_5694monthly columns in the front of the pageimg_5696.jpg and weekly horizontal view page with enough space to write down the agenda/thoughts etc for the day. img_5695.jpg

Bullet point todo lis pages with space for top priorities.

The option of customising the planner to suit my lifestyle plus their motto

“inspire and empower people to live their best life everyday. “ has my vote every time.

They do have an option to monogram the planner . I didn’t use it this time. I do miss the personal information page and the extra motivational/inspiration sheets they usually have in this journal. I can’t complain though, as you see, this year I was really lucky to get a great deal in store and paid only $27 for my planner. (With such a wonderful score, I may give into impulse and get a couple of their inspirational sticker sheets. They have some great sale going on in store right now.)

I am aware that I  may not get lucky like this every time and since I’ve now found the size and type I find most practical for me, I’ve already created a little saving account for my planner Next Year! If that is not pre – planning, I don’t know what is . 😀

Happy New Year to you all

X Pearlin.

p.s.: this is not a sponsored post.

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