Goodbye 2017, Hello new Diary!

Dear Pearlin,

I love the fresh beginning of a new year, making plans for the year to come and reminiscing over the year that has passed.

One of the joys in the new year for me is a new diary. I don’t keep a diary as a journal but as a place to try and keep order in my chaotic life! It’s not easy keeping on top of things when you have a large family so a diary is a must for me.

My gorgeous new Inspiration Diary from Kikki-K, “Every Day is a New Beginning.”

I’m definitely more a Paper than a digital list-maker too. There is something so satisfying in putting pen to paper, creating a list and then crossing items off the list.

By the end of each week my diary is a filled-in scribbled on mess. Everything is jotted down from appointment times, menu plans, phone messages and to-do lists. Each Monday I love turning over to a fresh page for the week.

Two years ago I received a Kikki K diary from my family for Christmas and loved it so much I decided I would purchase from Kikki K the next year. Prior to this I would grab any old cheap diary on sale as long as it had a week over two pages.

Last year I saw a diary I loved and wanted, at Kikki K but I wasn’t willing to pay full price so waited hoping it would go on sale but it sold out before then. I ended up purchasing the cheapest diary on offer and regretted it all year. It wasn’t the style or ‘look’ I was after and I took great pleasure throwing it in the recycling bin before we went away on holiday for Christmas.

This year I saw the diary I wanted in October and my Mum offered to buy it for me for my birthday (23 December). I was thrilled and delighted to open it up once we arrived in Gisborne on my birthday and decided I’ll never again wait for a sale if I see the diary I’d like. It is a book I look at and write in daily, I carry it with me in my bag and plan each week in it. If I take pleasure simply from using it I’d say it’s well worth paying full price (or requesting it as a gift – thank you Mum) and if it’s on sale – even better! Now I just need to get the matching pen!

Yearly reflection including top 10 highlights of last year, 5 things I achieved, 5 good things I did for others, 5 things I’m grateful for and 5 things I learnt last year.

Yearly goals and planning.

Weekly planning pages including priority list, weekly goals, to do list, daily gratitude, dinner plan and habits. I love these weekly lists and especially the reminder to be grateful for something every day.

Monthly reflection page. I appreciate the inspirational quotes on each page. “There is always something to be thankful for.”

This is not a sponsored post, I just love my new diary and want to share the love! I filled in the reflection and yearly goals pages last night and I’m ready for the New Year (and I love that it starts on a Monday)!

Happy New Year and happy planning for 2018!

Louise xxx

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