An honest review of Norwex

Norwex is a company that sells microfibre cleaning cloths and body cloths, which are designed to be used with only water.  I love the idea of cleaning without using harsh chemicals.

A year ago I was invited to a Norwex party.  I had been to a couple of Enjo parties before and have one Enjo cloth plus several supermarket brand microfibre cleaning cloths so had an idea of what the products might be like. Norwex is sold via party-plan (not in shops) and the reason for this is so you can see a demonstration of how the products are designed to be used.

I found the cloths were more reasonably priced than the Enjo ones (although still pricey) and I preferred the flat cloth style to the hand pocket style of Enjo so decided to purchase a kitchen cloth, a pack of stainless steel straws and a pack of 3 makeup remover cloths.

I found the kitchen cloth was great for general kitchen messes, wiping the bench and doing the dishes.  Several months later I purchased a second kitchen cloth at another party.  As much as I love how well these cloths work at wiping up greasy messes, they do begin to smell a little faster than my cheap cotton cloths, in spite of the claim they inhibit bacteria growth.  Those two cloths, which are now a year old, look very worn, have developed some holes and are stiff (I have a front loader and wash on hot washes with minimal detergent). I spoke with Jody about this and she recommended I pour boiling water over the cloth to help it’s fibres to relax and release the odour. It worked!! She s also suggested I try washing with the Norwex laundry detergent but I haven’t bought that to try yet.

Newer cloth on the left and older cloths on the right, showing more signs of wear than the newer.

The makeup remover cloths don’t feel like your typical fluffy microfibre, rather they are a soft suede.  They work very well to remove makeup including eye makeup although my girls found they drag at the skin a little.  I also found the cloths stain a bit with the makeup (I soaked one with napisan which removed all stains but I don’t think this is recommended).

Several months later when my friend Jody decided to start selling Norwex I had my own Norwex party and decided to purchase a full package of Norwex product.  I figured I liked what I had tried so far and the 30% discount when purchasing the pack as well as some great freebies on offer at the time helped me decide to go ahead with the large purchase!

What I LOVE about Norwex:

The label on each cloth tells you what it’s for and doubles as a loop to hang on a hook
(I keep most of mine in the laundry on a line of hooks, including all my mop pads)

You can purchase little mini cloths (Enviro and window plus baby size face cloths) which are ideal if you want to try a cloth without spending a lot on the full size versions, or if you just have small hands!

The telescopic mop handle is easily adjustable so I can set my 7 year old to mopping the floors (she loves it haha, long may it continue!!) and I love that I can just wet the mop pad under the tap with cold water and it still cleans the floor really well.  I especially love the tile mop pad which has some extra scrubby bits.  It’s so much easier than the old mop and bucket I used to use (hardly ever actually because it was such a hassle)!

The rubber brush is a must if you buy the dry mop pad and I’ve used it with the dusting mitt as well.  It brushes off all dust and debris into the bin so you don’t need to wash the dry mop pad (aka broom) or dusting mitt each time you use them.

Products I recommend:

Enviro cloth – this is a fabulous all purpose cloth and I use it for everything from cleaning my bathroom, to windows, mirrors, the kitchen and even stains on the carpet.

Window cloth – the window cloth is used dry after wiping the mirror or window with the wet everyday cloth.  It leaves a completely streak-free finish and also leaves taps shining!

If you’re looking at making your first purchase, I would highly recommend that purchase include an Enviro cloth and a Window cloth.  This is the basic combination and will get a lot of use all over the house.

Cleaning Paste – I use this in my bathroom mostly, either with an Enviro cloth or Scrub cloth.  I use it anywhere I would have previously used a cream cleanser scrub type product.

Blue Diamond – this is a highly concentrated bathroom cleaner.  I squirt it straight into the toilet to clean the bowl and to clean other surfaces I dilute it in a spray bottle with water and use it like spray and wipe. I have been very impressed with it.

Body cloths – these are Norwex facecloths. I bought a pack of 3 baby cloths for each of my big girls and they love them. They find them gentler than the makeup remover cloths and great for cleansing their faces.

Jody sent me a body cloth to try as a face cloth and I’ve been loving mine too. I have really dry skin combined with awful acne (at 37 I am so over pimples after 20+ years!) and I’ve been enjoying the results with the body cloth so far. My skin is not as dry, I’m not having to use cleanser or to exfoliate as this cloth does both. I haven’t been using it long enough to say if the pimples have improved. I think they might have (my pores are definitely smaller) but will update once I’ve been using it several months.

I absolutely LOVE the stainless steel straws.  My kids love to use straws in smoothies and drinks and I had been buying plastic straws for them.  I am so glad I’ve done away with the plastic straws.  We all enjoy drinking out of the stainless steel straws and the straw cleaner works well.

Dusting mitt – handy little mitt for dusting.

Car cleaning mitt and cloth -these are like a heavy duty version of the enviro and window cloths – a thick spongy mitt to clean your car with only water and a cloth to polish it dry. They’re easy to use and we’ve been really pleased with the results.

Timeless Rescue Gel and Hand Cleanser – these are the only products in the body care range I’ve tried and I really like them both.  The Rescue Gel smells amazing and feels lovely on the temples when you’re struggling with a headache or stress.

What I don’t like:

Norwex is expensive.

The dishwashing liquid didn’t cut through grease although was slightly better if I used heaps, so it got used it up pretty quickly.  It’s supposed to be ultra-concentrated but I couldn’t cope with the greasy finish on my dishes.  I’ll stick with my favourite Morning Fresh detergent.

The kitchen cloths can start to smell after several days and after a year mine are looking really worn, have some holes and are stiff and thin. (I spoke with Jody about the smell and she recommended pouring boiling water over the cloth to help it release the odour and it worked)!

My hands feel very dry after using the Enviro cloth to clean the bathrooms and house.

I don’t like the feeling of dry microfibre on my dry hands, it catches and feels awful.  I don’t really like the static feeling of the body towels and the fact that they are so thin in comparison to cotton towels.  I do find the kitchen hand towels are nice on my hands though.

Norwex cloths will melt if you use them to clean a hot sandwich press or if you wipe over a still-hot glass top element (don’t ask me how I know this).  I’m afraid to hang the tea towels over my oven door for this reason.

In summary:

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning solution for your home, I would recommend you try Norwex. There are so many great products I love and many more I still want to try.

Check out Jody’s website for more info on Norwex (you can order through Jody and have your order posted straight to you).

This post has not been sponsored, it is purely a review of my experiences with Norwex products.

2 thoughts on “An honest review of Norwex

  1. Thanks for the honest (and interesting) review. A friend of mine has just begun selling Norwex products, and I’ve been really curious as to what they’re actually like. I do love the idea of using environmentally-friendly and chemical free products!

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