Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Christchurch Botanic Gardens, located in Hagley Park in the heart of the city, are one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve visited.

This week I took a walk with my Mum and eldest daughter. We started at the West Bridge next to the carpark off Riccarton Ave (free parking) and walked along the river until we reached Rolleston Ave (where we had an amazing lunch at The Curator’s House).

This pathway takes you along the Avon river,


Past Water Gardens,

Through the New Zealand Gardens,

Beautiful shaded native bush pathways,

With stunning displays of native NZ trees like this Kakabeak in flower,

Tall stands of NZ native trees on the edge of the river,

Gently shaded pathways and gardens,

Opening out to beautiful green spaces.

Arching bridges over the clear Avon River.

Wide pathways with lush green lawns.

Dappled light under tall trees.

At this time of year you will be certain to spot ducklings.  We were delighted to spot several groups of ducklings, especially these silver and brown Paradise ducklings with both their parents nearby.

Their parents marched them across the path and down the the river just before us, their Father in the front and the Mother duck following closely behind, quacking as she walked.

Into the clear water they went and delighted us with their diving antics.  We also spotted several trout in the river.

A very common scene on the Avon river is Punting,

A leisurely boat ride up the river, pushed by a friendly guide’s long pole.

Tiny ducklings!

We paused our walk at the Curator’s House Restaurant where we had lunch before walking back to the car.

There are multiple pathways and directions one can walk throughout the gardens, all of them beautiful and most enjoyable.

After our lunch punting would have been a relaxing way to get back to the car!  We contended ourselves by watching the boats on the river as we strolled back along the path at a leisurely pace.

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