Menulog NZ app | review 

At the end of a rather busy, nothing went as per plan day, drained mentally and physically, I sat twiddling my thumbs trying to decide what to quickly put together for dinner .

The UberEATS app popped up on my Facebook page, when I typed in, easy to make dinner ideas on Google .

Curious to see what it was about I opened the advert. Simply download the app from App Store On IOS it said. I did but sadly UberEATS did not deliver food to our newly developed  subdivision.

Disappointed, I decided to download the next app I saw on App Store – Menulog NZ.

So how does it work? :

As you log on to the app Menulog NZ, you key in your area to find food in. Lucky for us, there were four participating restaurants, one Asian , two Indian and one Moroccan.

As soon as you place the order, and the payment has gone through, you get a confirmation message on the phone with the expected delivery time.

Honestly I was quite apprehensive about the whole thing  as it was all very new to me. What if the food wasn’t good , what if they didn’t deliver. But my curiosity to test out the app won over my apprehension. Moreover, I was happy to order from a  place I had been to before .

I have previously had dinner at this Moroccan restaurant Mosaic by Simo in Addington and remember being pleasantly surprised by array of  Middle Eastern dishes they had on their menu . What’s more it was tasty. So I decided to order from them.

The app Menulog NZ gave information about how much the minimum order had to be, and the specials and promotions the restaurants offered.

If the order is less than the minimum order requirement then there is an option to pay up the balance money to make it to the minimum order or order more to make it to the minimum order mark.

At Mosaic by Simo the minimum order was $20 which I thought was very fair. Each dish on the Menu, had clear description of what they were ,so that the customers had a clear idea of what they were ordering.I got a 15% off discount for my first order and the delivery charge was $8.

Here’s what I did:

I chose the dishes I wanted from the menu.

Grilled Sumac Lamb Kofta

Assortment of Moroccan Dipsimg_3226.jpg

I panicked a little bit when I didn’t get the confirmation text the next second . But it did not take more than a minute to pop on my phone .

The Food Experience:

The food delivered was neatly packaged and arrived slightly before the estimated time of delivery. And warm.

The food itself was good. I was expecting koftas in skewers and was a teeny bit disappointed they were in patty form and a little dry. We would have liked more of  dressing on the kofta in a different container.

The assortment of Moroccan dips all went well with the pita bread. Both the dishes went well with each other as well. It was a satisfying meal. img_3226

Overall I was really happy with the experience of ordering through the Menulog NZ app. Menulog NZ is a convenient alternative to have, when one is stuck at home, unable to drive or walk, in a rush or just too tired go get food or make it!

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