Day trip: Akaroa

Akaroa, which means Long harbour, is an hour and a half  drive from Christchurch. We might have taken a little longer than that as we stopped in a couple of places.IMG_0967


A little stop at the picnic area on the way at  Lake Ellesmere to admire the Swans glide gracefully on the lake…

 the next stop was at Little River where a for a little dose of history awaits at the railway station now converted into a little craft storeIMG_4031


with all  the antique memorabilia on display…Lanterns,ticket collecting booth are a sure attraction for adults and children alike
There is also a cafe to get coffee or grab an ice-cream at the diary nearby.

With stunning scenic views to greet you on the hilltop , it is a delightful drive up to Akaroa

This picturesque town is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll around , stopping by the Museum to get an understanding of the historical heritage of the erstwhile French ColonyDSC_1351The French street names and the antique buildings bear witness to the  bygone eraDSC_1270 A French bakery, Cooking school and loads of souvenir stores  in the town centre are a sure giveaway for the  French flavour that is still very much prevalent in the town.

Other than the idyllic old world charm of the town, a walk down the beachfront IMG_2111IMG_4048DSC_1318IMG_8405IMG_2139IMG_2131IMG_2109 lounging and eating fish and chips  while sitting on the pier, listening to the sound of the water and the sea gulls is extremely relaxing.IMG_8410Then a visit to the spectacular Giant’s House, another heritage house, is a must do.DSC_1236.JPG  The Mosaic art and original art work  vibrant and amazing, are truly a treat to the eyes, that need to be experienced first handIMG_1045IMG_1083IMG_1103The drive to the lighthouse also offers magnificent views of the peninsula and the boats docked in the harbour.DSC_1406

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