Diamond Harbour day trip

The Diamond Harbour is only a 10 minute ferry ride from Lyttelton.  We went on a grey day and it was lovely even without the sun shining so would be absolutely perfect on a sunny day.

As soon as you arrive you notice how peaceful it is.  All you hear are the birds singing.

A short walk up the hill takes you to the Diamond Harbour Village where you will find two cafes, a real estate office, a library, a medical centre and an arts and crafts shop as well as the historic Stoddart Cottage.


We enjoyed a walk around the village then had a leisurely lunch at Preserved Cafe and Eatery before making our way back to the ferry for the return trip.

The ferry departs Lyttelton approximately every hour.  You will need to find a park somewhere in Lyttelton as there is no parking specifically for the ferry.  We managed to find a park along the main road.
From there you walk over the footbridge and through quite a bit of contruction before you get to the wharf.


We managed our day trip within school hours so were home in time to pick our children up from school but felt like we’d had a real break away since the location was so peaceful.





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