Thai Container | Review

I’ve driven past Thai Container on the corner of Bealey Ave and Caledonian Street a few times and decided to stop for dinner one evening last week when we had an appointment nearby.

You order from a caravan and it seems the cooking happens in the brightly painted container behind it.

The menu has all the typical Thai dishes you’d expect plus fresh spring rolls which are readymade in a small fridge in the caravan.  I had to try them, especially since they’re gluten free.

They were deliciously fresh, packed with chicken, noodles, vegetables and herbs with a light dipping sauce on the side.  The pack of 3 spring rolls cost $8.

The other dishes we ordered were Pad Thai (gluten free option) and Green Chicken Curry.

The Pad Thai came with a wedge of lime and pottles of crushed peanuts and chilli flakes so you can season to taste.

The Pad Thai tasted good but unfortunately we found a hair in the dish.

The curry had a nice flavour and was very mild.  It had a good amount of chicken and lots of vegetables.  Unfortunately we found a hair in this dish too!

Overall it was a tasty meal.  The staff were helpful and the meal arrived quickly.  The seating outside was nice and although on the corner of a busy road, we weren’t bothered by the traffic at all.  There was nice music playing in the background.

The highlight was definitely the spring rolls!

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