How to make Turmeric Latte

Turmeric in the Tamil language is called Manjal, which when directly translated means yellow. Obviously the name came from the colour of the spice. Not only is Turmeric or Manjal a commonly used ingredient in almost all the South Indian food preparations, it is also often used as a home remedy.DSC_0431When we were little , I remember distinctly when we hurt ourselves  playing , the wounds were washed and dressed with  a mix of crushed small shallots and turmeric .

Women applied turmeric paste on their faces to protect the skin from acne and other skin blemishes. The most common medicinal use however, is for common cold and cough.

Whenever we got sniffles or scratchy throat, during the monsoon season in India, my mom always made Manjal paal aka Turmeric latte for us to drink.DSC_0454

Although I did not appreciate it much during childhood, I appreciate it a lot now as I find it very smoothing with its amazing healing properties for  cold, sore throat and cough that tag along with the seasonal changes.

This is a simple yet very effective time tested remedy thats handy to have around  when  the seasonal changes bring along  allergies and other minor ailments with it.
Turmeric latte also aids with getting a goodnight’s sleep at night.DSC_0437

Ingredients to serve 1

Milk : 11/2Cup

Turmeric : 1/2 tsp

Black Pepper 1/4 tsp (freshly ground)

Raw Sugar/Honey/Palm Jaggery to taste


In a small saucepan, take milk . Hear on medium heat uncovered until almost boiling. Add in turmeric and black pepper.Stir well .Reduce heat and let it simmer for five minute. When the spices have blended evenly with the milk, remove from flame.Add raw sugar/honey or palm jaggery to taste. Serve warm.

Cook Book Scribbles: Although the above mentioned ingredients are more than enough to make a tasty turmeric latte,a large pinch of ground dry ginger powder , cardamom powder and a couple of saffron strands can also be added  along with turmeric and pepper to enhance the taste.



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